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Damn, you're beautiful.

If this wasn’t annonymous, I might actually take it as a compliment.

Reblog if you dont shave your legs everyday.


I just want everyone to see how unrealistic some expectations are.

The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.

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this is actually very encouraging

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the fact that guys will say “girls who don’t shave are disgusting and gross and will never get boyfriends” (as if that’s the Main Goal Of Life, because obviously everything we do is centered around impressing The Men) and then defend it when you call them out by saying “it’s a…



See this… this is how it’s done.

No “you don’t look chunky, you look beautiful.”
No “you don’t look chunky” at all.

Just complete acceptance. Yeah, you look how you do, and how you look is beautiful. Mama gets it.

I love you, Mama.

I thought this show was complete crap until it got to the family. I was shocked that a family like this exists, and I hope that it continues to get recognition so maybe some people will learn how to be a better person

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